Welcome! I am Kayla Hollifield.

I am a life-long resident of Pickens County, raised by a strong, single mother with four children. Following in her footsteps, I am also an independent woman who is full of spirit, passion and enthusiasm with anything that comes my way. 

       Although we live in a physically beautiful area that renews me daily, even more reason to love our community is that the people of our North Georgia tri-state area really care about their neighbors and practice good old southern hospitality. Born and raised in Pickens county, I began my first semester at Gainesville State College at the age of eighteen, majoring in Sociology. I moved into my first home and had my daughter at the age of 20. There was no going back on my dreams from that moment on. I went on to attend our local Chattahoochee Technical College for 2 more years while still working and raising a family of my own.  I have always known God put these passions in my heart for a reason. I have always felt and still feel empathy for the homeless, elderly and the disabled. The more I learned, the greater my desire became to do something more for those who were in some way disadvantaged. Since becoming a mother, I am even more motivated to fight for those individuals as well as those who have fallen prey to the powers of illegal drugs, the children of incarcerated individuals, mentally ill/disabled individuals and particularly those in public school classrooms. As your state representative, I will focus on ensuring that all people have access to public assistance when it is really needed. Above all, in everything I do, I will be honest. I will be mindful that my actions reflect the compassion I feel for people and my deep devotion to democracy and the equality of ALL people. I hope to be a role model for you,  your children and grandchildren. I commit to working together with my Republican colleagues and to identify what we have in common. It is high time for conversations to change to include civility, compromise and common sense. I hope I can earn your vote to become your next House of State Representative for 2020. 

What I'm Running For...

As your voice in the State House, I will be working to improve: Freedom, Opportunity and Security

* Economic Growth: Particularly supporting entrepreneurs in North Georgia who will create good-paying jobs.

* Diversity: Creating a Local Environment in which different kinds of people are accepted, encouraged, and assimilated into the population.  

* Affordable Healthcare for ALL: Healthcare is a major concern for everybody,- social security, medicaid and medicare - especially now with COVID-I9 causing havoc, I will do my best to support any legislation introduced in the House that would help to make health care affordable to everyone.

*Protecting our environment: People like you and I are concerned about the rules that have kept us safe, as in our environment and food. Now, coal, ash and other toxins are being dumped into our waterways. Farmers no longer have to wash their produce in clean water and food-borne illness has increased since the repeal of meat inspection rules. The Department of Agriculture took down the section on their website where the figures could be seen by the public. I cant do anything about Federal regulations but I want a seat at the table where regulations that affect our health are passed in Georgia. I'll work to fill in that gap for you. 

Be a part of the change

Help bridge the gap and vote for me, Kayla Hollifield, on November 3, 2020 as your next Georgia State House Representative for District 11.